You can make money doing exactly what you love in your private practice.


Let me show you how

Practice Building Coach

As a therapist, your work is your passion.

You trained for many years to understand your clients’ pain.  You learned to alleviate suffering and you offer relief.

You also learned that nothing is free, specifically not your time.

You have bills to pay.  You have a business to run.  You need to turn a profit to keep your practice open.

You ought to make money doing the work you absolutely enjoy.

Yet it’s just not working out like that.

New clients aren’t knocking at the door.

You stay up at night worrying about the gaps in your calendar.

You’re tired of barely making enough money to keep the lights on at your office.




The DreamWork Collective™

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Sara Anderson is a private practice coach, business coach and marketing coach for therapists

Hi there! I’m Sara Anderson and for almost 20 years I’ve been in the therapy business.  I’ve built four successful, 6-figure private practices, plus a few other businesses. 

Time and again I have witnessed gifted clinicians give up the dream of private practice because it didn’t provide the income they needed.

It is my personal mission to end private practice poverty.  I now work with therapists and wellness practitioners who are ready to succeed.


What I believe:

  • You are your business’s best asset.  You deserve to be compensated well.

  •  Failure is not the worst thing that can happen. As the breakfast of champions, failure is simply feedback. 

  • Practice building doesn’t have to take years.  In fact, it can take just a few months, if you have the right strategies & systems in place.

  • What you believe you achieve. With the right mindset, the possibilities for your private practice are endless.


Right now there are clients desperately searching for your help. 

They just haven’t found you yet. 

Help them stop looking.

I offer Online Marketing for Therapists