Sara Anderson

Sara Anderson

You can make money doing exactly what you love in your private practice,



I’m on a mission.

Because I’ve known too many talented and passionate professionals who are suffering in their business.

Who remain stuck, working too hard, earning too little.

I’ve known way too many professionals who are accepting less-than in their private practice.

Which leaves me frustrated and angry because so many heart-centered practitioners are stressed out, overwhelmed, and cash and client poor.

And it doesn’t have to be like this.

That’s why I’m on a mission to end private practice poverty and to empower private practitioners to claim full abundance in life and in business.

Because you can do exactly what you love and make a good living.

It is not “either / or.”

I know this because I’ve done it multiple times.

Over the past 20 years I’ve founded four separate private practices plus several other successful businesses.


I have never had a practice that earned less than 6-figures.

It’s not because of fancy skills or fancy trainings or because of a specific niche or location.

I’ve been successful because of my willingness to go all-in, risk failure, and use all the tools available to help clients find me.

Which is why I now help healers, coaches, therapists, and wellness professionals succeed in private practice.

Because I want you to know that you can have a rich and full private practice. You can be a wealthy healer.

Let me show you how.